Video ads

Tell your brand story with high-quality content in trusted, brand-safe environments on Amazon and across the web.

This video features a campaign for a US advertiser and is intended to be illustrative only. Results may differ in other countries.

How video ads work

Reach relevant audiences

Go beyond traditional TV ads to share your brand message with relevant audiences in the many places they consume content.

Influence, engage, and connect

Video ads empower you to showcase your brand message or demo your products and services.

Appear in brand-safe environments

Embed your brand message within high-quality content across the web and in trusted environments like Amazon.

Who can buy video ads?

Businesses can buy video ads whether or not they sell products on Amazon. Self-service Amazon DSP users can buy and manage their own video campaigns.

Pricing for video ads varies depending on format and placement.

Frequently asked questions

Where are customers taken when they click my ads?

For video ads that can be clicked, the customer can be taken to a product detail page on Amazon, your own website, or another destination across the internet.